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Advanced Digital Marketing and Management

The advanced digital skills builds on the learnings of the intermediate course, allowing learners to take the next steps to digital empowerment. These Advanced sessions will help participants bring together all of their new digital skills and resources into a complete 360 marketing and management approach with a clear online brand that engages, converts and manages markets. In the videos below we explore the power of branding, using multi-channels, as well as story-telling to communicate to our audiences effectively.

How to interact with the contact

The content of this course is hosted in a series of videos and a reference guide. The videos have been divided into different sections or ‘modules’ with individual topics clearly marked. Learners may choose to watch each module in its entirety (the videos in each module will flow one after the other), or watch and rewatch individual topical videos as a refresher.

To watch the videos, click on the accordion tab/drop down menu below the short description of the topic title. Tabs will then open up to a playlist with the relevant topical videos ordered (1.1, 1.2, 1.3).

The reference link provided at the end of this page may be used in tandem with the videos to link you to further resources that will expand on what you have learnt.

This material was produced in November 2022 by international experts and they have provided a number of useful local and international examples, case studies and stats.

1. Branding, Story-telling & Multi-Channel Marketing

In this playlist of videos, you will learn about branding, and then dive into the power of storytelling and how you can use various techniques to communicate with your ideal audience, getting them to take the actions you seek. We’ll then wrap up with multi-channel and omni-channel marketing and how these strategies can boost your online presence, sales as well as the cohesiveness of your brand.


Branding | Brand Messaging and Content by Segment | Multichannel Marketing | Creating a Regional Marketing Community | Storytelling | Experience Design in Tourism | Managing a 360 campaign | Wrap-up

Reference material

Title Date Download
Digital strategy tooklit (LGD) 08/11/22 Download
Wrap up 08/11/22 Download