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The family edit

Victoria Falls is a wonderful place to raise young children - a well- kept secret by many resident families. The sense of adventure and freedom in our green wilderness is infectious, and we believe there is no better gift for a holiday, or a lifetime.

Little ones will enjoy spotting hippos from a boat, guided nature walks, and painting elephants, - while older ones will be captivated by canoeing, the gorge swing, and the devil’s pool. With accommodation and activities to suit all groups and budgets, this is the trip to spark the fun and nourish your souls.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Victoria Falls safe?

Victoria Falls is the capital of tourism for Zimbabwe and is considered one of the safest destinations in Africa. Most of our residents rely on the tourism economy and are experienced hosts. We have an excellent safety record for our adventure activities, and there is a well-staffed police station in Victoria Falls should it be required. Elections can be turbulent but rarely cause disruption to travellers.

Can I find good pharmacies in Victoria Falls?

There are a number of good pharmacies within the city centre and in Mkhosana.  Many stock basic level medication for children and doctors are available on request for any prescriptions. Baby nappies and wipes are widely available.

Does Victoria Falls have malaria?

Malaria can be found in Victoria Falls, and it is recommended that you check with your doctor for the most up to date travel advice 6-8 weeks before departure. We do advise all travellers to take malaria precautions. Avoid mosquito bites by wearing suitable clothing such as long-sleeved tops and long trousers, especially after the sun sets. Use a good insect repellent on any exposed skin.

Is it safe to walk around in Victoria Falls?

Whilst the centre of Victoria Falls is considered safe to walk around during daylight hours, the city is surrounded by national parks and freely roaming wildlife. It is not advisable to walk around from dusk till dawn.

What will happen if I get sick in Victoria Falls?

There is a well-equipped private clinic in Victoria Falls as well as emergency evacuation services. It is recommended to purchase travel insurance when visiting to ensure you are covered for medical emergencies and the best possible medical care. Read More

Is it safe to drink the water in Victoria Falls?

Most local residents drink water from municipal supplies. However, if you suspect you may have a sensitive stomach, then bottled water is readily available. Innovative company Ecodrop provides purified water rehydration points across the destination including the airport. Travellers are able to purchase a sturdy, refillable bottle equipped with a code that can be scanned at any of the refill stations to fill their bottles with cold water, cleaned via reverse osmosis. Read more

Do I need to bring car-seats?

Yes it is advisable to bring your own car-seat for babies and toddlers.

Are children allowed on safari?

 Going on game drives can be a magical experience for children of all ages, whether early in the morning, or at sunset. For the safety of all, children will need to sit in vehicles for periods of time, and remain quiet when viewing animals close up. Many activity providers offer specialised excursions for children, have minimum age limits or require the exclusive use of vehicles for those with young children. Our welcoming operators are creative at finding solutions to meet everyone’s needs and  special requests are often accommodated.

What is the age limit for adrenaline activities?

The age limit for adrenaline activities varies depending on the activity. Our Things To Do page indicates where activities have a specific restriction.

What can we do if it rains?

In the event of an afternoon rainshower, many accommodations and restaurants have in-house board games to entertain the family. For rare longer periods of rain, Elephant’s Walk is a good alternative to stretch your legs under cover and pick up some souvenirs. Families will also enjoy a creative experience at Art of Africa, or the Dusty Road Township Experience to eat local food in a vibrant community setting.

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