The value of biodiversity is that it makes our ecosystems more resilient, which is a prerequisite for stable societies; its wanton destruction is akin to setting fire to our lifeboat”


Ecological Law Enforcement

The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, The Forestry Commission and a number of private organisations continue to work collaboratively on measures designed to eradicate poaching and the illegal harvesting of natural resources, ensure effective legal frameworks and deterrents against wildlife crime, strengthen law enforcement, and support sustainable livelihoods.

Human Wildlife Conflict Management

With the current human population growth rate, the increasing demand for natural resources and the growing pressure for access to land, conflicts over human–wildlife interactions are present. However, there are ongoing collaborative efforts by a number of organisations to find diverse and inclusive solutions to reduce and offset conflict, turning challenges into opportunities to increase public support for professional management.

Research and Biological Monitoring

Long-term biological monitoring is key to effective, evidence-based conservation management. In and around Victoria Falls there is ongoing research, disease testing, wildlife and biological monitoring with a strong focus on fostering community-based conservation methods.


As the mandated government body, Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority play a vital role in maintaining the pristine ecology and wildlife within the Victoria Falls and Zambezi National Parks.

Forestry Commission

With so much of the naturally forested areas surrounding Victoria Falls falling under the mandate of the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe they play an integral part in preserving the buffer zones around the National Parks and maintaining the wildlife corridors between these parks.

Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit

The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our local wildlife and natural resources. Working in close conjunction with Zimparks and Forestry Commission, the VFAPU scouts carry out daily patrols in and around Victoria Falls removing deadly wire snares, preventing wood poaching and assisting with the immobilisation and treated of any injured wildlife.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

For over a decade The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust has carried out a diversity of projects in the region which include community participation, and visionary and practical management in wildlife conservation, rescue and rehabilitation, human-wildlife conflict mitigation, and research to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases. Working together with Zimparks, Forestry and other conservation organisations, VFWT is synergistically stewarding a culture of coexistence with wildlife throughout the region.

Bhejane Trust

Bhejane Trust is a Zimbabwe registered non profit trust, established in 2010 to assist Zimparks with infrastructural support by managing boreholes, solar pumps, restoring pans, fire management and road network maintenance.

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