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The Area - Overview

Victoria Falls, popularly known as Vic Falls, is a small resort city in Zimbabwe.  It lies on the southern bank of the mighty Zambezi River that flows along the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, under the railway bridge that connects the two countries, thundering over the Victoria Falls and through the dramatic Batoka Gorge. The river, falls and bridge provide opportunities for cruising, canoeing, rafting, bungee jumping and more. 

The quaint riverside ‘city’ of Victoria Falls provides entertainment, lodging and a home for its 35,000 residents. The town prides itself on sharing the space with the region’s wildlife. There are dedicated wildlife corridors through the city, and pavements are occasionally filled with a troop of baboons, or traffic halted for an elephant. 

The area is also home to many local communities in and around the city. These villages, often known as ‘townships’ are home to many of the city’s tourism workers, as well as artists, crafters and entrepreneurs. In Chinotimba Township, for example, you will find Dusty Road, a vibrant cafe serving tasty local dishes.  

The nearby Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls National Park are home to a magnificent range of birds and wildlife, from buffalo to crocodile, lion and wild dog. These parks border the city and are easily accessible. Hwange National Park, a few hours drive from Victoria Falls offers deeper wilderness experiences for a longer stay.   

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