We Are Victoria Falls
Our Values


Our Values

As a destination we signed a Charter of Values in 2022. These apply to all who call Victoria Falls home, whether for a few minutes or their entire lifetime. These principles guide us to protect, preserve and promote this iconic destination.

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, these are the seven promises that we make:

We work together

We believe that by respecting our differences but leveraging each other's expertise and competencies, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

We Put Local First

Our local community is the lifeblood of our tourism destination, and we strive to promote and include local people, products, businesses and communities. The commitment, investment and passion of local people provide the unique and authentic experiences that enrich the tangible and intangible fabric of our destination.

We Share and Showcase

We are open and welcoming, and we want to share our destination with those who share our values. We believe in celebrating and showcasing what we have, but also what we have done, what we have learnt and where we can still improve.

We Commit to a Green City

In a world where natural spaces are rapidly decreasing, respecting the environment and protecting its biodiversity is critical to maintaining the pristine setting that makes us so special. Sitting at the heart of the largest conservation area in the world, we take our responsible stewardship seriously while respecting the need for sustainable growth and economic opportunity.

We Strive for Value and Balance

To preserve the natural environment, quality of the destination experience, and community benefits we pursue a balanced, value-driven approach. We strive to improve the value of each activity for visitors, businesses and local people, driving a balanced growth trajectory that builds our resilience, provides for our sustainable future and is not focused on volume.

We drive Continuous Improvement

"How can we do it better?" This is the principal question we will apply to every aspect of our activities. Our pursuit of progress ensures that we remain relevant as we strive to position Victoria Falls into a world-class destination to live and work in.

We Invest in Our Relationships

The quality of our relationships is important, especially in times of crisis, and go far beyond mere financial transactions. We will encourage each other; visitors, operators, public sector and all to place more value on personal interactions that exceed expectations and enrich our experiences.

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