Damian Cook is the founder and CEO of E-Tourism Frontiers- a strategic tourism consultancy specializing in change management including changes brought about by technology, market shift and changing travel behavior. He has extensive experience with tourism development and marketing working within DMOs, the private sector and as a consultant. He specializes in destination marketing in Africa, where he is based. He is a frequent and popular presenter at global tourism forums. After working in both the public and private sector developing destination websites in East Africa and online marketing campaigns he formed E-Tourism Frontiers taking a practical, business driven approach to developing practical tourism strategies and public-private partnerships both within East Africa and around the world. He was a full term Board Director of the African Travel and Tourism Association (Atta). He founded and managed the DATA project with TripAdvisor which creates regional forums for DMOs to share analytical data and discuss marketing best practice. He has written and published a practical guide to digital tourism for emerging markets. Damian has worked as a strategist and advisor to the Kenya Ministry of Tourism and Tourist Board for over two decades and has worked on training and strategic planning with Uganda Tourist Board, Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators (TATO) (including regional circuit and itinerary planning in partnership with Rwanda Chamber of Tourism), Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) and recently worked on the Kenya Tourist Board COVID response marketing plans and the development of the Rwanda Recovery strategy via IFC. He has worked in tourism development, strategic planning and digital marketing training projects in many destinations, including South Africa, Jordan, Indonesia, the Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Nepal, Malaysia, Mozambique, Moldova and many more. He is a recognized expert in the field and a registered USAID expert consultant in the field of Tourism Strategy.

Alroy Ndhlovu is a passionate digital media specialist, who specializes in media production, design, digital marketing and their technologies. He runs a digital media company and personal brand and is usually engaged in various digital projects. He loves creating content, especially educational content which he uses to educate others about the industries he’s involved in. He’s been privileged to be involved in the digital media sphere for over 10 years. When he isn’t working or creating, he’s all about exploring the world around him.