‘Let’s Get Digital’ is offering one-to-one support to a select group of eligible training participants in Victoria Falls to provide further assistance in implementing new digital skills. More targeted digital marketing and engagement will help raise awareness and bookings to Victoria Falls, accelerating the path to sector recovery.

Lets Get Digital is a digital upskilling program targeting the tourism sector. It is run by the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry and IFC, with support from the Government of Japan, and coordinated by We Are Victoria Falls.

What kind of support is offered?

Successful applicants will be able to take the news skills and resources from the training seminars and request implementation support. This will constitute virtual coaching from experts Damian Cook or Alroy Ndhlovo, and limited technical service provision up to a maximum of $1000 per applicant. Technical service provision includes but is not limited to; website upgrades, imagery, accounts, content, software, membership fees or research. This support will be provided on a needs basis between October 2022 to April 2023.

Successful applicants will work with the Let’s Get Digital team to determine the scope of the support that they will receive.

Who is eligible?

Any registered individual, SME, NGO or public sector group that;

  • provides a tourism product/service and
  • is based in Victoria Falls (physical classroom) and
  • has fully attended Let’s Get Digital Course 2 and
  • has an online presence (may be a basic website) and
  • has a social media presence and
  • has an existing booking/reservation system (which may be offline)

Only one application per entity or individual.

What is the application process?

Eligible applicants will participate in an Information Session during Course 2 on 24-25th August. Applicants will fill in a form that describes their tourism service or experience, their existing digital activity, and a specific challenge or business objective they would like support for. Applicants will be required to explain what the successful outcome of achieving the objective will be, and how it contributes to revenues and overall destination recovery for Victoria Falls.

How will the applications be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated based on the criteria set out below.  Evaluations will be made by a technical committee made up of IFC and the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The committee’s decision will be final. All applications will be scored and ranked according to their score. Starting from the highest-scoring application, applications will be analysed (including follow-up discussion) to determine the most appropriate tools, activity and solution – and an agreed envelope and scope of support agreed. The process will proceed until the total envelope of $20,000 is exhausted. Where appropriate, applicants with similar needs may receive services together (for cost effectiveness), and no single application will be awarded more than $1000 in services or mentorship, though it is not expected that every applicant will reach this sum.

Evaluation criteria:

Max Score: 40

  • Degree to which One-to-One Support will enable entity to substantially recover or grow (revenues, jobs)
    • 0-5
  • Degree to which support will enable entity to reach and develop new markets
    • 0-5
  • Degree to which support will enable entity to drive or contribute to recovery and greater resilience of sector in Victoria Falls
    • 0-5
  • Suitability of proposed solution/ support for described objective
    • 0-10
  • Attainability of described objective
    • 0-10
  • Available solutions to attain objective
    • 0-5

How to Apply?

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below. The deadline for submissions is 15 September.

Have questions?

Please write to Emma Parirenyatwa eparirenyatwa@ifc.org