Zimbabwe re-opened its major airports to International and Regional passenger flights on 1 October 2020, with domestic services having already resumed earlier in September. As of the 2nd January 2021, all major airports remain open for travellers.

Following new lockdown measures announced on 2nd January 2021, land borders are closed except for commercial traffic, diplomats and returning residents.

There are limited domestic and International flights at this stage and schedules are changing on a daily basis so we recommend checking with the airlines for the most up-to-date information.

Please note the following measures which have been introduced to ensure that the health and safety of everyone is a priority. 

  • All passengers are required to complete a COVID-19 contact-tracing document on arrival.
  • All passengers arriving at Victoria Falls Airport are required to present a negative PCR COVID-19 Clearance Certificate obtained within 48 hours before departure, in line with WHO Guidelines. If officials believe a traveller to be symptomatic, they may be required to undergo a further PCR test on arrival, regardless of the negative certificate, and at their own cost.
  • An Airport Official will take passengers’ temperatures. Anyone recording a temperature equal to or higher than 38°C will be required to have a PCR COVID-19 test at their own cost.
  • Travellers that test positive will then be required to go into a local quarantine centre for 10 days if they have no symptoms, or 13 days if they are symptomatic. Quarantine is at the traveller’s own expense.
  • After quarantine, travellers will need to be retested before they are permitted to travel home or on to their next destination. 
  • Travellers are to adhere to WHO COVID-19 standard practices at all times, such as maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask in public and practicing personal hygiene.