Introduction to Digital Marketing and Management:
Course One

The content on this page gives an overview of the current digital landscape and how travel has evolved through increasing access to technology for both travellers and travel businesses. The material here will give you insight into what is needed for a tourism business to sustain and grow clientele and revenue in this marketplace, with practical tips, examples and case studies.


The content of this course is hosted in a series of videos and a reference guide. The videos have been divided into different sections or ‘modules’ with individual topics clearly marked. Learners may choose to watch each module in its entirety (the videos in each module will flow one after the other), or watch and rewatch individual topical videos as a refresher.

To watch the videos, click on the accordion tab/drop down menu below the short description of the topic title. Tabs will then open up to a playlist with the relevant topical videos ordered (1.1, 1.2, 1.3).

The reference link provided at the end of this page may be used in tandem with the videos to link you to further resources that will expand on what you have learnt.

This material was produced in May 2022 by international experts and they have provided a number of useful local and international examples, case studies and stats.

0. Introduction: Damian Cook

An introduction to the program by Damian cook as well as an overview of the current state of the tourism industry.

1. Websites: An Introduction to Web Technology

Websites remain an important tool, but their role is changing dramatically. We identify key ingredients for a successful site- addressing quality and usability, accessibility, ease of use and visibility in search terms. We also discuss who should manage the website and how.


Introduction to Websites | How to Build a Website | Principles of Design (UX/UI) | Budgets & Maintenance | Adding Functionality to Your Websites

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search parameters are changing rapidly with the increasing influence of social media and the focus can no longer be on just search engines . We explain the inner workings of search engines and how search engine optimisation (SEO) works. This will include the pitfalls and dangers of some popular SEO ‘tricks’ and look at the pros and cons of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and the newer opportunities offered by social search.


What is SEO | SEO & Keywords | How to Implement SEO | Good & Bad SEO | Search & Tourism

3. User Generated Content (UGC)

Here we look to define what user generated content is and how it can be such a game changer for your digital strategy. We also take a look at the evolution of the influencer.


What is UGC | Benefits of UGC | UGC Vs Influencers | Success Stories | UGC in Marketing

4. Content Marketing & Social Media

The multiple sources and potential roles of content for travel marketing continue to evolve rapidly and many businesses are grappling with their shift from being producers and publishers of content to aggregators and curators.

We look at some of the latest emergent tools and technologies, including live streams, VR, AR and AI for the creation and management of social hubs around locations, events and experiences and authentic content and reviews from ‘managed content’.


Generations | What is Content | Canva Overview | Canva Speed Design | Facebook Overview | Instagram Overview | YouTube Overview | Tiktok & Twitter Overview

5. Strategy (Damian Cook)

Lets now look at how to bring these elements together into an initial simple business plan to increase the role of these resources in your business.


Creating New Marketing Strategies | Key Drivers of Change in Travel | Channels & Platforms |

Reference material

To compliment the video material above, we are pairing some reference material you can use to further research and understand the topics addressed. Use the following link to access this material: