Course Content

Date: 24 and 25 August 2022

Duration: 2 days

The intermediate digital skills builds on the learnings of the introductory course, allowing participants to take the next steps to digital empowerment. The course will demonstrate how to create defined strategies for better utilisation of digital platforms, how to bring all your digital marketing and management assets into one centralised system, and how to use analytics and drive conversions to make your marketing more effective. A final course of Advanced Digital Skills to follow.

Topics Covered

Introduction and Recap: Previously on “Let’s Get Digital”

Expanding your Strategy – Damian Cook

Building on the recommendations made in the first seminar, we will now look at taking your improved online resources and incorporating them into a business focused strategy that defines and measures both online output and outcomes. This model will be used throughout the following sessions to explain each of the key ingredients needed to start getting serious about not just promotion, but actual online business and management.

Advanced Content Management – Damian Cook

We will start off by redefining and structuring your content into an improved management system using a POSE model (Paid, Owned, Shared and Earned). This will enable you to purpose and repurpose content for your marketing needs and objectives.

Digital Management Systems – Alroy Ndlovu

How to bring all your digital marketing and management assets and resources into one centralized system. Tips, tools and tricks, including the best platforms for managing web, social and location/mapping profiles will be included.

Advanced Segmentation – Damian Cook

Moving beyond the base generational segmentation discussed in our first seminar, we will now look at travel types and demographics, and how these can be used to create specific audiences for your business. We will look at freely available systems for building online audiences including database, web and social tools.

Ad Creation and Usage – Alroy Ndlovu

How to plan, create, and manage advertising across digital platforms targeting your selected audiences. We will take you step by step through all of the ad centres and building tools for:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Conversion Points – Damian Cook

Now that you are using ads to connect content to audiences, what’s next? We will look at how you drive conversions, bookings and sales, including cooperative marketing and distribution channels. We will cover the creation of landing pages and shared links to make your marketing more effective, direct and measurable.

Using Tripadvisor – Guest Speaker

One of the simplest and direct connections between content and conversion is TripAdvisor. In this session you’ll learn how best to use your profile, management tools and how to respond to reviews, share official content and manage bookings, rates and referrals.

Booking Tools – Guest Speaker

This session will take a look at the practical use of online booking software and systems, including locally available solutions in Zimbabwe. This will include the best way to balance direct and intermediary bookings, allocations, Online Travel Agency (OTA) bookings and rate management.

Analytics: Performance Tracking – Alroy Ndlovu

An in-depth look at how best to monitor and measure your reach, engagement and performance across all online platforms with a walk through of all the analytics tools including:

  • Google
  • You Tube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Conversion Tracking – Damian Cook

Beyond simple metrics, being able to track a client from first point of engagement to arrival at your business is the best way to show real return on your marketing investment. We’ll show you how to achieve this using custom conversion pixels and trackers.

The Wrap-Up – Alroy Ndlovu

Bringing all of this together will mean creating a results driven online business, and in this last session we will recap how all of this works in sync, and take your questions and offer advice for your unique business needs.