Introduction to Digital Marketing and Management

The intermediate level of the ‘Let’s Get Digital’ program provides intermediate level digital skills training. After showing you how to create an active and engaged online profile, we will now show how you move from branding into business.

In these online resources, we will build on your digital and social media knowledge to shift from simple visibility and engagement into becoming a conversion focused online business. This means strategic use of your digital resources to develop message driven content and to identify and target the right market segments for you and turn them into customers, using structured content, audience building and advertising tools.

In these videos we take you through the vital steps to elevate your business to the next digital level.


The content of this course is hosted in a series of videos and a reference guide. The videos have been divided into different sections or ‘modules’ with individual topics clearly marked. Learners may choose to watch each module in its entirety (the videos in each module will flow one after the other), or watch and rewatch individual topical videos as a refresher.

To watch the videos, click on the accordion tab/drop down menu below the short description of the topic title. Tabs will then open up to a playlist with the relevant topical videos ordered (1.1, 1.2, 1.3).

The reference link provided at the end of this page may be used in tandem with the videos to link you to further resources that will expand on what you have learnt.

This material was produced in August 2022 by international experts and they have provided a number of useful local and international examples, case studies and stats.

Content Strategy, Digital Management & Advertising

In this section, you will learn the difference between ‘output’ and ‘outcome’ driven online activity and how to structure content for each with clear and consistent messaging. We’ll then discuss how you can identify your ideal customers using market segmentation and look at simple online tools you can use to build and manage audiences.


Recap | Content Strategy | Digital Management Systems | Segmentation & Audience Management | Online Advertising

Conversion Points & Analytics

With the right messages and content ready, we will now look at how you bring those together using commonly available and cost-effective online ad tools, including direct social media marketing. We’ll then see how to manage, measure and maximize your conversion rates and use tracking pixels to accurately calculate and report your return on ad spend. We’ll end with a preview of our upcoming advanced sessions.


Conversion Points | Analytics | Wrap Up | Highlights for the Next Training

Reference material

To compliment the video material above, we are pairing some reference material you can use to further research and understand the topics addressed. Use the following link to access this material: