As of 1 April 2022, fully vaccinated visitors and returning residents will no longer be required to provide a negative PCR Test when entering or leaving Zimbabwe.

Entry Requirements are as follows:-

  • Children below the age of 12 do not need a PCR Test even if not vaccinated
  • All passengers 12 years of age and over will only need a PCR Test (obtained 48 hours before departure to Zim) if they have not been fully vaccinated. Travellers will be required to show proof of vaccination.
  • Fully vaccinated to enter Zimbabwe means one dose of a single dose vaccine such as Johnson & Johnson or both doses of a two-dose vaccine such as Astra Zenica or Pfizer.

A negative COVID-19 PCR test is no longer a requirement for departure from any Zimbabwean international airport or land borders unless the onward destination or airline requires it.