This two day ‘Advanced Digital Skills’ program will be led by international digital marketing experts. The advanced digital skills builds on the learnings of the intermediate course, allowing participants to take the next steps to digital empowerment. These Advanced sessions will help participants bring together all of their new digital skills and resources into a complete 360 marketing and management approach with a clear online brand that engages, converts and manages markets.

Day One: 16th November, 2022

Welcome (Master of Ceremonies IFC, Welcome speech by MECTHI)

Speech by Embassy of Japan, Co-Funder of ZDDP (t.b.c.)

Session One: Establishing a Digital Brand

Creating an effective digital presence means separating yourself from your competition and communicating your own unique messages and values. Following on from our previous sessions on messaging and targeting, we will now look at how you create a strong and unique brand for your business and establish it online.

Session Two: Brand Messaging and Content by Segment/Audience

Your brand should be of appeal to varied types of travellers and market segments. In this session we will discuss how a brand can be adapted and converted for different demographics and markets and interpreted for different channels and products.

Session Three: Multi-Channel Marketing

Our previous sessions have focused on individual marketing platforms and distribution channels, but now we will address how to develop content and campaigns that can be used cross-platform and with multiple channels.


Session Four: Tracking Visibility, Audiences and Conversion across Channels

Multi-channel marketing creates new challenges for tracking reach, engagement and conversion to calculate return on marketing investment. We’ll review some of the tools and resources that can be used to help you stay on top of your widening digital profile.

Session Five: Story Telling in Digital

At the core of a fully integrated campaign is one important element: telling a good story about your business. In the travel and tourism sector, we have a wealth of potential stories to tell, but how do we convert a good story into a great campaign?

Session Six: Managing a 360 Campaign

While our entire focus has been on improving our ability to ‘Get Digital’ we can’t entirely discount the role of offline marketing material. In this session we will look at how a ‘360’ campaign is created and coordinated for both online and offline marketing, and tools that can be used to connect the virtual to the physical.

Day Two: 17th November 2022

Session One: Experience Design in Tourism

We’ve discussed the importance of content, reviews and influence of our visitors, and now we will address how to create the best possible experiences for our guests using the new creative art of ‘Experience Design’ that ensures they have the best possible experience that is not just enjoyable, but memorable and shareable.

Session Two: From Digital to Physical: ‘End to End’ Experiences

How best do you incorporate technology into your experience design to ensure that your visitors have an easy and engaging transition from first point of contact, through booking, personalized experiences and the ability to create and publish their content and review your business online?

Session Three: When Things Go Wrong: Online Crisis Management

Great visitor experiences are an asset, but bad experiences are a liability and a serious threat to your reputation and business. So, what happens when things go wrong and social media turns on you? We’ll take you through the important steps of online crisis management and how to respond to, minimize negative impacts and learn from a crisis.


Session Four: Customer Acquisition Values and Lifetime Value

As you continue to grow your online business and develop long term goals, understanding your customer base and markets is essential to developing plans to sustain and maximize growth. Identifying your highest value clientele is an important part of this process, including not just financial yield, but their likelihood of returning as a repeat visitor and recommending you to family and friends, creating a ‘lifetime’ value that can be used as a marketing metric.

Session Five: Fully Integrated Digital Marketing & Management

As we bring our series of seminars to a close, we will recap all of our sessions with a complete overview of all the topics covered, and how they work together for integrated digital marketing and management.

Session Six: Creating a Regional Marketing Community: Case Studies

Our final session will look at how regions in global destinations have created successful marketing partnerships between local businesses and destination managers to share content, create cost effective shared resources and work together on digitally driven campaigns, creating a new model for tourism marketing: the Content Community.