We Are Victoria Falls



We Are Victoria Falls is the Destination Management Partnership for Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Together, we manage all the elements that make up our tourism destination.

Our purpose: 

To continually position Victoria Falls as a market leader in sustainable tourism, promoting the value of the destination and driving sustainable stewardship, jobs and business development from our regional position at the heart of the largest conservation area on earth.

Our mission is to engage all stakeholders to coordinate the elements of the destination in order to maximize the benefits of tourism to all stakeholders in Victoria Falls, and ensure that tourism is genuinely sustainable for the long term.

Our structure and governance: 

We are structured as a non-profit association of partners who design, resource and execute on the mission and objectives of the partnership. The partners execute on this mandate according to priorities set out in the Destination Development Plan.

The partnership is governed by a Board of Directors from the private, public and civil society sector. The Board elected an Executive Director who is responsible for the overall execution of the Partnership. Membership of the association is broad-based, with members expected to contribute to the mission of the partnership through voluntary support and resources.

  • Chair of Board of Directors: Ms Barbara Murisinawa-Hughes, Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe
  • Vice Chair: Mr Bruno DeLeo, Pioneers Lodge
  • Board Director: Anald Musonza, Africa Albida Tourism
  • Board Director: Winnie Muchanyuka, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
  • Board Director: Mr Tafadzwa Chinamo, Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency
  • Board Director: Mr Tawanda Gusha, Airports Company Zimbabwe
  • Board Director: Mr Paul Matamisa, Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe
  • Board Director: Mr Tami Mudzingwa, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority
  • Board Director: Mr Kelvin Moyo, Victoria Falls Residents Association
  • Executive Director: Mr Ngqabutho Moyo, Victoria Falls City Council


Our core funding is derived from annual donations from the founding partners, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls City Council, Airports Company Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency.

Our operational plan is fund-raised annually with contributions from the private sector, civil society and other donors. We Are Victoria Falls is also able to raise revenues through commercial activities.


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