A first-hand travel story told by a family visiting Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe in December 2021

Meet the Howard Family

The Howards are a family of three, their son aged 17. They live in South Africa, and for Mr Howard and his son, this was their first visit to Zimbabwe and to Victoria Falls. They came for a 2-week trip to Zimbabwe over Christmas and New Year, spending 4 days in the beautiful Victoria Falls.

“Travelling to Zimbabwe was a great holiday for us and we are so glad we listened to the advice of our travel specialist”

We Are Victoria Falls: Your family decided to go ahead with your adventure in December, despite global travel restrictions and uncertainties. Can you tell us when you originally booked your trip to Zimbabwe and why?

Howard Family:  We booked this trip in October 2021 because we had heard it was a destination full of attractions our family had never seen. We had also heard that Victoria Falls was a great place to be for New Years Eve, especially for teenagers.

We Are Victoria Falls: Did you consider changing your plans and what made you decide to keep them?

Howard Family: We thought about changing our trip when there was talk of quarantining for 10 days. But when we heard that they were not enforcing quarantine restrictions, we decided to come anyway! We flew into Bulawayo – which was efficient, polite – no issues whatsoever.  We felt completely safe at all times.

We Are Victoria Falls: What did you do on this adventure and what were some of the highlights?

Howard Family: We loved our trip to Hwange, and the things we did in Vic Falls. We did the gorge swing, a Malachite dinner cruise on New Year’s Eve, river rafting, and dinners and lunches in the town. The guides on the rafting were amazing, I have done it a few times and they were definitely the best yet. Victoria Falls was quiet compared to other visits, but it was great to see quite a few other international foreigners there too.

We Are Victoria Falls: What would you say to other travelers thinking of exploring Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?

Howard Family: It’s something you have to see once in your life.  Do all the activities, they will be memories you will have forever.  Buy momentos, tip the staff (activity and waitering) – help the working people of Zimbabwe.  It was a great holiday for all of us!

Travel Support: The Howards travelled with Africa Addict to Bulawayo, Hwange and Victoria Falls

Dates of Travel: 23rd Dec 2021 – 2nd Jan 2022 (Victoria Falls for 4 days)

Accommodation in Victoria Falls: Pioneers Lodge

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