Earlier this month, the Pristine Victoria Falls Society (PVFS) was formed by stakeholders and residents in Victoria Falls in an effort to drive forward the goal to become the cleanest City in Africa. Led by a committee of individuals from various organisations within Victoria Falls, the Pristine Victoria Falls Society has quickly gained momentum as more and more stakeholders and individuals take the pledge to ensure Victoria Falls becomes a “pristine City”.

As a community-based movement, rather than conducting periodic clean-ups, it is the intention of the Pristine Victoria Falls society to divide the town into sectors, streets, blocks and 50 metre stretches. Businesses and individuals will then be asked to sign a “pledge” to take on responsibility for a particular area.  Once they have signed the Pledge, they become responsible and accountable for keeping their area pristine.  A map of who is responsible for which areas will be made public and the exact responsibilities will be detailed in each Pledge.

“Not only is this aspiration to make Victoria Falls the cleanest City in Africa desirable,” says Mike Davis from Shearwater, “but given the incredibly special environment over which we as a community are custodians, it is a moral obligation. We have to collectively be responsible for making Victoria Falls the best possible environment in which to reside and operate, for present and future residents, and visitors alike.”

The Management committee so far includes the following individuals / organisations:-

Anald Musonza – VFSL
John John Laing- ZPGA
Mike Davis – Shearwater
Gary Archer – Wild Horizons
Norbert Ndlovu – 3 Choirs.
Sibongile Hlabangana – Shearwater (society secretary)

The defining principle of the PVFS is individual and collective responsibility. By signing the pledge individuals and organisations are committing to this principle and making a promise to deliver a pristine zone in their allocated area of Victoria Falls.

Organisations who have joined the Society so far include Shearwater, Liquorama, Wild Horizons, Ele-CREW, Victoria Falls Bungee, Shongwe Lookout, Xtranet Solutions, Spencers Creek, Zambezi Helicopter Company, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, ZPGA, Three Choirs, Syamuswi Curio Vendors, Matetsi Victoria Falls, Wilderness Safaris, Pariah State, Luke Brown, Batonka and Pioneers. Victoria Falls Primary School are the first of the schools in the area to have members pitching in, making it clear on the type of environment which they wish to be raised in.

If you would like to become a member or support the efforts of the Pristine Victoria Falls Society, kindly contact any of the management committee members directly.

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