Following the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020, many of the Victoria Falls residents whose livelihoods had been impacted started to look at innovative and entrepreneurial ways to ensure survival. Simba Musiyiwa, Executive Chef at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, is one individual who took the initiative to look at ways to utilise his skillset, and in 2020 he developed “Simba’s Artisan Bread and Pasta”, making a range of delicious home-made breads and pastas, all of which are available for purchase to both restaurants and residents within Victoria Falls, and have become popular additions to so many tables and meals in this region.

Now in 2021, Simba has brought another exciting initiative forward for this wonderful community, a Saturday pop-up bread market at Ellie Cafe Elephant’s Walk, where a vast range of exceptional danish pastries, pies, breads and bagels can be purchased, resembling something one would expect to find in high end bakeries in France and New York. This last saturday also saw the inclusion of a selection of gourmet cheeses from Holland causing much excitement amongst the community.

With the pop-up bread market having quickly become a saturday morning favourite for many families living in and around Victoria Falls, it looks set to become a permanent offering and value addition to Victoria Falls City and its gastronomy offering.

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