Whilst recovery of tourism to Victoria Falls has begun, there have been some travellers who have expressed concern and reluctance to travel in the event that they were to test positive for COVID before departing from Zimbabwe.

544 Reynard Road, “Malachite House”, is now a temporary designated isolation facility for tourists approved by Ministry of Health Zimbabwe. With the requirement to have a PCR negative test conducted prior to departure from Zimbabwe, in the event a guest tests positive for COVID-19 whilst in Victoria Falls, they will be given 24 hours for a retest which is done at a different laboratory.

If the second test comes back negative, then a third PCR test will be conducted to ensure that the first was a false positive. If the third test comes back negative then there will be no further action required and the clients are free to continue with their departure from Victoria Falls.

If however, the second test comes back positive, the traveller will be required to isolate at a designated facility for a period of ten days from the day of testing positive. Ministry of Health will transport the traveller to the isolation facility where they will be checked in remotely, and a case worker from the Ministry of Health is assigned to monitor the traveller throughout their isolation period.

“Malachite House” is a self-catering designated facility and has a base fee of USD 40.00 per person per day for those requiring isolation. The facility includes the following:-

  • Cleaning Materials and basic amenities
  • Smart TV with Netflix
  • Wifi

The hosts of “Malachite House” will conduct shopping and deliver groceries to the site inline with Ministry of Health protocols at an additional charge to the traveller, and take-away deliveries are available from most restaurants who have been briefed on the safety protocols with regards to delivery.

Whilst medical equipment like masks, sanitizer and oximeters are provided to clients at their own costs, “Malachite House” is not a medical facility, and if the designated case worker deems a traveller to be too ill to remain in the private isolation facility, they will be moved to a hospital registered for Covid 19 treatment.

It is important for travellers to note that even if they test negative during their isolation before the full 10 days is complete, they will still need to wait until Day 10 for release. On the 10th day of Isolation, an assessment is conducted by the case worker and an additional PCR test is conducted before a release letter is provided by Ministry of Health.

All COVID tests conducted during this time are for the travellers own cost.

Whenever a traveller is released from the facility, a full decontamination of the property is done, knapsack sprayers are used and all linen is washed thoroughly.

For more information on Malachite House in Victoria Falls or if you have travellers that require isolation, please contact AJ Benzon on aj@victoriafallslodgecompany.com or book the property on line at Malachite

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