Whilst Victoria Falls was upgraded to City Status in 2020, it has effectively maintained its relatively small and intimate community appeal and remained immersed within nature, surrounded by National Parks, Forest Woodlands and protected areas. It’s wide open spaces, wildlife experiences, generally warm climate conditions, and welcoming community enhance the attraction to experience the majestic Victoria Falls.

Add to this its diversity of accommodation options from intimate bed and breakfasts, to high end exclusive luxury tented camps, and its’ wide array of adventure-based activities and you have a destination that has all the rich tapestry that makes Africa so enchanting, and a prime destination for those looking for more exclusive getaways in a post-COVID world.

So is Victoria Falls becoming a celebrity dream destination? It would certainly appear so given that over the course of the last few years, it has become increasingly popular amongst celebrities eager to explore Africa, marvel at one of the “7 Wonders of the World”, and in some instances partake in its wide array of adventure-based activities.

In June 2017, Will Smith travelled to Livingstone Zambia and managed to tick off a bucket-list item and dream of his – to bungee jump off the famous and historical Victoria Falls Bridge.

In December 2019, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones travelled with their children to spend the festive period at Victoria Falls River Lodge as family, soaking up the spray coming over Victoria Falls and enjoying a historical guided tour with local guide and history expert Clive Wakefield.

And now in June 2021, Paris HIlton has travelled to Victoria Falls and has been sharing videos from Victoria Falls Hotel with her 14.8 million instagram followers confirming it’s a “Beautiful Day in Zimbabwe” whilst partaking in the adrenalin High Wire Activity “The Gorge Swing” and enjoying the spectacular views of The Lookout Cafe, both operated by Wild Horizons

Celebrity status or not, this wonderful tourism community at the Gateway to Zimbabwe, and the wider Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA), are ready to welcome you to the World of Wonders that makes Victoria Falls, and indeed Zimbabwe, so special.

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