The Victoria Falls Hotel has taken steps to prioritise the health of their future guests by creating a safe and convenient clinic environment in-house to enhance confidence and comfort for their guests throughout their stay.

Having serviced their staff for almost three decades, the on-site clinic has now been re-developed to provide the following services to guests staying at the property:-

  • Hospital grade cleaning and sanitation of the clinic
  • On-site nurse care
  • Multiple doctors on call
  • Entrance screening
  • COVID-19 Testing facilitation
  • Onsite clinic oxygen facilities
  • BP checks
  • Basic healthcare check-ups

As one of the grandest and oldest hotels in Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls Hotel is renowned for it’s elegance and charm with exceptional views of the Victoria Falls Bridge and the rising mist of the Victoria Falls spray. Having recently completed refurbishments of the rooms, and with the newly launched on-site clinic, Victoria Falls Hotel continues to show its commitment to adapting to the safety, comfort and well-being of its guests.

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