Residents of Victoria Falls have been requested by the Victoria Falls COVID-19 Taskforce to stay home if presenting any symptoms of COVID-19 and call the Rapid Response Team hotline for assistance. The Victoria Falls Rapid Response team is composed of nurses specialized in the detection of, testing for and treatment of COVID-19. Once a call is received they will discuss the symptoms with the caller, and if necessary they will attend to the caller at their home as soon as is feasible.

Those with severe symptoms have been requested to confirm this over the phone so that they can be prioritised by the Rapid Response Team. This dedicated team are working tirelessly to service the entire Victoria Falls and surrounding area communities, and are assisting those who have COVID-19 throughout the duration of having the virus – performing home checks, delivering medication as needed and advising family members and those tested positive with best practice health and sanitisation care.

The Victoria Falls Rapid Response team wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment at all times and sanitize to the highest standards between visits. Those requiring admission will be transported to one of the Victoria Falls treatment centre’s where oxygen therapy is administered.

The Victoria Falls COVID-19 Taskforce have over the course of the last few weeks prepared information sheets in several languages including English, Shona, Ndebele, Kalanga and Tonga, all of which outline safety precautions and protocols, what symptoms to look out for, and what procedure to follow in terms of calling the Victoria Falls COVID-19 Rapid Response Team hotline.

Individuals and organisations within Victoria Falls have stepped forward to provide the Rapid Response Team with mobile phone airtime, vehicles and fuel to support their ongoing efforts. This has allowed the Rapid Response Team to split into smaller groups and cover more ground in shorter time frames.

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