Over the course of the last week, the Victoria Falls COVID-19 Taskforce have engaged with Local Pharmacies to start home delivery services of prescriptions, especially for COVID-19 positive patients. This has been done in an effort to contain and prevent the spread of infection whilst assisting those who have tested positive for COVID-19.

As soon as a patient has been disclosed of their results by formal channels, they are now able to contact the MOHCC doctor/nurse, or their preferred doctor in a private practice to electronically communicate their prescription to these Pharmacies. Upon receipt of the prescription, the pharmacy will contact the patient to arrange payment and delivery of medicines.

The pharmacies are carrying the recommended medications for treatment of COVID-19 that are proving successful currently in the treatment centres. The following pharmacies are able to assist with home delivery and after hours emergencies:

  • Vine Pharmacy, Chinotimba Shopping Centre
  • Vic Falls Pharmacy, Phumula Complex
  • Your Pharmacy, Mkhosana Shopping Centre
  • Chinotimba Medical Chemist, Chinotimba Medical Centre
  • Trinity Pharmacy, Sawanga Mall

The Victoria Falls Community are grateful for the continued efforts of the TaskForce to contain and prevent further infections in and around Victoria Falls.

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