Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe is a registered Trust based in Victoria Falls, created to provide assistance for expectant mothers who have nothing to welcome their little one’s into the world. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, this little organisation based in Victoria Falls, and made up of a small handful of passionate volunteers, has continued to move mountains for mothers with newborns in need.

Working in collaboration with the doctors, mid-wife’s and nursing teams at the Victoria Falls Chinotimba Hospital, Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe is alerted when there is a mother in need, and the small passionate team who volunteer for the organisation, swiftly put together a newborn baby hamper containing as many necessities as possible to assist the new mother as she prepares to take her new baby home.

Started in August 2018, Mummy’s Angels have assisted an estimated 250 mothers and their new borns, providing them with hampers which consist of but are not limited to second hand clothing donations for the child’s first year of life + (3-4 outfits for each age), toiletries, formula, reusable nappies and reusable sanitary ware for mums.

It goes without saying that the community are thankful for this inspiring team of volunteers for the mountains they have moved to assist mothers in need, and we extend our thanks to all those who have and continue to donate to and support this little organisation with such a big heart.

If you wish to get involved or assist with their efforts, kindly visit their Facebook page or alternatively email the team on

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