In line with the country’s sustainable development goals, the Jafuta Foundation is the first organisation to introduce home biogas units for cooking in the rural areas surrounding Victoria Falls. The objective of the biogas units is to address issues of climate change, deforestation, health effects of carbon fuels on humanity and minimise the effects of green House gases in our climate.

Jafuta Foundation has installed close to 20 Biogas units at the households of influential community leaders and it is hoped that through leading by example, the use of biogas in the community leadership will encourage the use of Biogas in wider rural communities.

Biogas systems are essential to sustainable rural development, providing communities with reliable fuel as well as improving health and sanitation conditions within the community. According to World Wildlife Fund the benefits of a biogas system to a single home is that it can replace approximately 4.5 tonnes of firewood and eliminate the associated 4 tonnes of annual green house gas emissions. Therefore Biogas systems reduce deforestation due to reduced demand of burning wood fires, and reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases caused by burning solid fuels. Biogas by-products ie the effluent and sludge (Bio fertiliser) is used by the community as manure and fertiliser for their community gardens thereby improving food security and livelihoods in the communities.

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