Greenline Africa Trust who have been active in the rural communities surrounding Victoria Falls for several years have ramped up their efforts throughout the lockdown period and as a result of the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the region. Below is an overview of just a few of their efforts over the past six months:-

  • Over 15,000 masks distributed in the region to clinics and schools
  • 30 monthly Gogo and Vulnerable household food packs distributed to homesteads
  • 1 tonne of nutritional porridge distributed to clinics and vulnerable community members on a monthly basis
  • 5 boreholes and solar systems secured
  • 50 bicycles distributed to health workers
  • 36 birthing kits distributed to clinics for mothers
  • 130 newborn kits provided to mothers of new-borns and another 65 yet to be distributed
  • Support to community farmers on a monthly basis with collection and delivery of community grown vegetables
  • Removal of Lantana Camara from the Victoria Falls RainForest in collaboration with National Parks

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