Greenline Africa Trust, a local Victoria Falls based community focused Trust whose focus has been on assisting communities to create a better life for marginalized women, children & youth through sustainable projects focusing on livelihoods, health, education and biodiversity management, have increased their efforts throughout the covid-19 pandemic in the rural areas on the outskirts of Victoria Falls.

Over the month of August, Greenline Africa Trust have been busy in the rural areas of Hwange district with the following initiatives:

  • Community Vegetable Growing Projects
  • Providing disadvantaged homesteads with food packs
  • Distributing new born kits to the clinics in the Hwange district
  • Distributing knitted winter wear to children and orphans in need to see them through winter
  • Distributing toys to under-privileged children to help keep them engaged in play
  • Continued lantana removal efforts in and around Victoria Falls
  • Assisting with the “Food For Work” initiative

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