The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust working in Conjunction with Zambezi Horse Safaris managed to immobilise and rescue two Cape Buffalo from deadly poachers snares within 4 days of each other.

The first animal, an adult, had managed to break the wire snare off the tree it was fastened on to and so was observed with the wire still firmly attached to it’s neck by anti poaching scouts who reported the incident to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust who immobilised and treated the animal.

The second incident involved a sub-adult buffalo who was discovered by Wild Horizons Anti Poaching scouts on patrol still firmly attached to a tree by a wire snare. Again Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust were called in to help and with the assistance of Zambezi Horse Safaris were able to approach the animal on horseback before restraining it and removing the wire snare without having to sedate it.

Both of these lucky animals are expected to make a full recovery thanks to the collaborative effort of the various conservation players in the Victoria Falls area.

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