This phrase has been regularly used by the Victoria Falls Covid-19 taskforce and aptly describes the continued generosity, commitment, resilience and determination of the entire community of Victoria Falls who continue to pull together during these times of adversity despite the downturn in tourism on which the region so heavily relies, and the impact that the covid-19 pandemic has had on so many lives.

From the generous donations of medical supplies, bedding, food, fuel, logistics, clean water distribution, sanitiser, seeds and seedlings, material, and ad hoc itemsā€¦. to the endless hours of volunteering, counseling, and support for the various ongoing Programmes including the Food For Work Programme, The Childrens Feeding Programme, the Community Vegetable Growing Initiatives, the ongoing conservation work, the Lantana camara removal project, and the Sustainable Green Destination Initiativeā€¦. the list is endless.

The true spirit of compassion, empathy and humanity at its best is reflected in the daily ongoing efforts of all those who live here. The Victoria Falls Covid-19 taskforce continue to work tirelessly as a collaborative body of individuals and organisations all committed to ensuring the long term well-being of Victoria Falls during and post the Covid-19 pandemic.

All of this of course has also been made possible through the generosity of so many external donors and supporters of Victoria Falls for whom this community remain forever indebted and thankful.

Below are just some images which reflect the last week of the ongoing efforts in the “little town that could”.

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