Facilitated by Greenline Africa Trust, a collaborative meeting took place today between public and private stakeholders in Victoria Falls to discuss increased efforts towards achieving a recognised ‘Sustainable Green Destination’ for Victoria Falls by 2030.

The meeting was held with key stakeholders including government authorities, private, public and community sector representatives where it was agreed that a steering committee be formed comprising of key sector representatives who will drive the efforts forward in achieving international recognition for the tourism hub to become one of the world’s certified “Sustainable Green Destinations”.

Criteria for successfully achieving a green destination standard includes but is not limited to:

  • Health and Safety prevention and responses
  • Inventory of the destinations assets and attractants as a tourism hub
  • Collective Tourism Visioning, Planning and Policy
  • Effective waste management
  • Effective water and energy management
  • Natural and cultural heritage conservation
  • Promoting local products and services
  • Community engagement and inclusivity
  • Effective and sustainable land use

The objective of the steering committee moving forward will be to work together as a collaborative unit to increase stakeholder participation and awareness, as well as advance achievements in each of the criteria to ensure successful achievement of Victoria Falls as a “Green Destination” by 2030.

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