The “Food For Work” programme have teamed up with the “Waste Management Group” under Greenline Africa Trust to continue efforts to provide food security for those in need, and yesterday saw volunteers out on the streets of Victoria Falls to assist with improving the overall look and feel of Victoria Falls.

Volunteers working under the guidance of Municipality, the Waste Management Group and the Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce, spent the day sweeping and cleaning, removing grass growing onto the roads, and repainting the curbs which line the streets of Victoria Falls.

A number of stakeholders have stepped forward to provide necessary supplies to ensure the volunteers are well equipped for these efforts, and special thanks go to Shongwe Lookout for providing paint and brooms to the volunteers for yesterday’s efforts.

The community here in Victoria Falls continues to pull together in unity to provide effective support to those in need, whilst ensuring the overall aesthetic of the town is improved for the eventual return of visitors to the destination.

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