Today a trial run of a Children’s feeding programme in Victoria Falls is underway to provide support and sustenance to younger members of the Victoria Falls urban community. Utilising seven churches and school locations across Chinotimba and Mkhosana, the proposed feeding programme conducted by the Pastoral leadership and the Victoria Falls COVID-19 Taskforce, will supply one meal per day, Monday to Friday for school children in the region. It is estimated that there are approximately 8,000 children enrolled in different schools across Victoria Falls and so at this stage it is uncertain what percentage of these children will require the feeding programme support.

The programme will allow for the identification of any malnourished children whose families may require additional support, and will allow for data collection to establish any potential vulnerable households or urgent social worker assistance.

The past week the Pastoral leadership and Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce have been actively preparing for today’s trial run, training volunteers to prepare basic nutritional meals and ensuring all volunteers adhered to the strictest of health and safety regulations at each of the food preparation sites. All selected sites were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and at some of the sites, adequate structures and shade was erected to create the food preparation / kitchen facilities. All those participating in the food preparation and distribution have acquired training and received a Certificate of Health from Ministry.

Strict measures have been put in place for managing the programme to ensure the highest health and safety standards. Social distancing will be maintained, and any child entering a feeding site will be given a face mask, have their temperatures taken, and will need to utilise hand sanitisers on site. All children will be requested to bring a container or be given a container and once their food allocation has been received they will leave the site to eat their meal.

Shearwater Adventures have kindly stepped forward and offered the full use of their kitchen as the main preparation base where vegetables will be pre-cut and prepared prior to delivery. A three day rotating menu of either sadza or rice with soya chunks, beans and vegetables will be allocated to ensure a balanced and healthy meal is provided everyday.

It is hoped that the project will in addition to providing a balanced meal for children, will also support both urban and rural community vegetable growers. To get involved and support this programme during these times of adversity, kindly contact us or the Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce.

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