As part of the continued efforts of the Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce, the quarantine facilities in Victoria Falls, accommodating returnees undergoing the current quarantine requirements, have benefited from the generous donations received from stakeholders and community members.

This week Ilala Lodge provided a generous donation of linen which will be used in the quarantine centres to ensure clean and comfortable bedding, with excess requirements donated towards the Million Mask Project to make additional masks for the community.

The Franciscan Sisters of Victoria Falls also provided a generous donation of food for the quarantine centre to ensure that the returnees staying in these facilities are provided with a nutritional diet including fruit. The donations were received by Mr Chirinzepi who heads up the social welfare in Matabeleland North and who is active on the Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce.

In addition to providing support to the quarantine centre, the Franciscan Sisters of Victoria Falls have also undertaken further food donations for the vulnerable households in both the urban and rural community.

The ongoing generosity of stakeholders and community members to ensure the well-being of the communities, and support efforts of adequate preparedness and response to the ongoing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is humbling to say the least.

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