Following a cabinet meeting held yesterday, the Zimbabwe Government resolved that with regards to the Tourism and Hospitality Sector, requests for variations of operating conditions in respect of restaurant operators, and to re-open National Parks was granted. Cabinet approved for the current statutory instrument to be amended to allow for the following:

  1. Non-hotel based restaurants to be allowed sit in clients at 50% capacity, and no more than 50 seats
  2. National Parks to be re-opened

The updated statutory instrument is expected to be released on Friday 3 July.

All of the above will be subject to the guidelines on re-opening tourism facilities which relate to adequate sanitation measures being in place, social distancing etc. It is anticipated that this will allow for domestic tourism to be re-ignited bringing relief to the tourism sector in an effort to save livelihoods. A number of operators across the country have already released domestic tourism special offers to assist in these efforts.

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