Throughout the lockdown period, as the Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce has made steps forward in securing medical equipment and food security, SWIFT Zimbabwe, one of the country’s largest shipping, transport and logistics operators, has stepped forward as an exemplary collaborator working towards the overall well-being of the communities. Demonstrating exceptional goodwill, SWIFT have provided assistance on numerous occasions’ with transportation of medical equipment and food security to Victoria Falls.

Last week, SWIFT provided free transport to move an estimated 30 tonnes of emergency rice for the food appeal and food security efforts from Harare to Vic Falls – at no cost. Their commitment to assist during these times of adversity are appreciated and we extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire Management and teams at SWIFT for their ongoing support in the preparedness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As their logo so aptly puts it, “A local hero delivering nationwide”.

The Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce has extended special thanks to the Honorable Minister Mavima, Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, who kindly provided the 30 tonnes of rice through Ministry to support the food security efforts in and around Victoria Falls, and in recognition of the communities needs.

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