Victoria Falls Disabled Community benefit from ‘Food for Work’ Program

Members of the Victoria Falls Disabled Community have expressed their gratitude at being able to access maize meal and ‘Mighty Meal’ nutritional porridge under the ‘Food for Work’ program currently being carried out by the Victoria Falls COVID-19 Taskforce. Although the disabled members of the community will continue to benefit under this program moving forward they have also made an appeal for adult and child-sized diapers, wheelchairs and spare parts for their wheelchairs. Their urgent requirement in order to repair one of their existing wheelchairs is a chain de-railer, chain cluster, cables and two wheel chair chains

Community Ambulance back on the road after repairs

The Ministry of Health and Child Care community ambulance has been repaired and is back in service thanks to the generosity of Levi Young, Barry Meikle and Tim Ellement. Repairs are also being carried out on other MOHCC vehicles as required.

Levi Young and Barry Meikle after returning the MOHCC community ambulance to service

Additional lighting for the Isolation Centres

A big thank you to Jay and Shaku Gopal for donating 10 x 4 foot florescent tubes and 10 x 75w energy-saver bulbs for use at the isolation centres, and to Lemon Ncube for installing the needed bulbs.

Great to see the medical team in full PPE at the isolation centres, following procedure to the letter, keeping themselves and the public safe.

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