As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on tourism to Victoria Falls, a large portion of the community have had to undergo salary reductions or have lost their livelihoods altogether. This has resulted in a growing food security crisis for many within the community. Therefore in an effort to address the ongoing dire need for food, whilst ensuring the town’s cleanliness and attractiveness is maintained in preparation for recovery, the Victoria Falls COVID-19 taskforce has launched a “Food For Work” initiative.

Observing the health and safety guidelines outlined by Ministry of Health, volunteers who have signed up to the initiative are placed in small groups on a weekly basis and are allocated sections of the town and surrounding landscapes to clean up any litter that may have gathered over that week. The volunteers are then provided with lunch and given a bag of mealie meal in return for their work to maintain the cleanliness of the town.

Each volunteer is provided with a rubbish bag, gloves, poking sticks and a face-mask if they do not already have one. Sanitisation stations are placed at the start and finish of the clean up day and social distancing is observed by all involved.

Heartfelt thanks go to all organisations and individuals who continue to donate food to make the initiative possible, to council for providing the poking sticks, to the medical task-force for the gloves, and to Shearwater for the bin bags and their ongoing logistical work to make this initiative so successful. To date over 200 members of the community have benefitted from the “Food For Work” initiative.

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