The Counselling and Community Support ( Pastors) who form part of the Victoria Falls COVID-19 task force have been hard at work throughout the lockdown period, providing ongoing spiritual and psycho-social support to the community and front-line workers, as well as carrying out awareness efforts to members of their congregations.

In addition, the group have provided several donations of hand-sanitizers, latex gloves, and fumigation liquids to assist in the ongoing sanitisation and health and safety efforts of the town.

They have also worked closely with the Food Security team, providing the food security team with countless food hampers, food donations, and sanitary products for distribution in both urban and rural communities and have assisted in supplementing the community seedling projects (Feed Yourself: Feed Your Community) by donating vegetables seeds and providing land to nurture vegetable seedlings for distribution to the communities.

It is these collaborative efforts which really reflect the strong ethos of ‘working together to benefit the entire community’ that is present amongst all who live in and around Victoria Falls.

This group who have been so proactive and supportive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown is made up of representatives from UDACIZA, EFZ, ZCC, Victoria Falls Ministers Fraternity, HUT, and is open to all Christian affiliations.

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